Kitchen of the Week! Uniformity and Visual Interest

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  • September 15, 2019 - Articles

As soon as you step into this kitchen, you feel something. For starters, you’ll feel like you have officially entered the future.

Check this place out! What becomes immediately clear is that this is not your grandmother’s kitchen. (And who wants Grandma’s kitchen anyway, with its faded laminate countertops and avocado dishwasher?) This kitchen, you quickly realize, is all about forward thinking.

This kitchen is smart too using every inch of its somewhat limited square footage efficiently. It’s not exactly a huge space, but the thoughtful design makes it feel much larger than it actually is.


Thoughtful Design Makes this Kitchen Space seem Larger

Creating Visual Interest

It balances uniformity with visual interest. While the cabinets are a monochromatic, soothing grey that blends seamlessly with the stainless steel appliances, the quartz countertops are similar but not all exactly alike. While they are all primarily white and crafted of engineered quartz, the thickness varies. Some feature a heavily flecked look while others have a smoother and more uniform appearance. The different heights add even more visual appeal, with a lower counter and those Eames-era chairs providing a great spot for informal dining for two. Plus it has a higher counter that serves as a place for friends to gather with adult beverages and lively conversation. The glass tile backsplash complements all the countertops and helps to seamlessly bring together the quartz surfaces and the cabinetry.

And did we mention that lighting? Wow. Again, this isn’t a giant kitchen and all those different styles – pendants, undermounts, recessed spots — add drama throughout the space and make it even more inviting. Who can’t imagine sitting in this amazing space, on one those stools in front of that sleek quartz counter, enjoying a conversation with an old friend as the evening turns to night?

Light Colored Countertops to Create a Larger Space

Making it Feel Bigger

This layout is first-rate. We all know the kitchen becomes the hub of any home and this one is definitely built for entertaining. It opens directly into a living area with casual, comfortable sofas and an ottoman for additional seating. If you love to cook but don’t want to miss the party, this layout is ideal. As you’re preparing food and drinks, you’ll be in on the action but your guests also won’t be crowding your work area. With the sofa set up so people will be facing away from the windows, you’ll be able to enjoy every conversation, even as you put the finishing touches on the meal.


The thoughtful layout is enhanced by the brightness of some of the finishes, especially those white counters. Engineered quartz is not only remarkably durable, it has reflective qualities that endure. This adds brightness to the space, and creates a stunning, sharp contrast between the countertops and the cabinetry. Another smart idea is the large mirror on the wall in the living area, a design idea many designers employ to make a space feel more expansive.


Finally, the quality of the materials used throughout this kitchen — engineered quartz countertops, LED lighting, polished wood floors, high-end cabinetry — allows for an eclectic mix when it comes to decorating style. Those mid-century modern Eames-style chairs, the contemporary stools, the modern sofa and coffee table — all of it works together because the overall design is so striking.

Pure White Quartz Countertop

What are some lessons from this Kitchen-of-the-Week? First, even small and awkward spaces — i.e. the pole that’s practically in the center of this room — can be transformed into terrific places for cooking and entertaining. Second, using high quality materials in some of the most important parts of a kitchen, like the sleek cabinets and stunning quartz countertops, is something you won’t regret. After just one look at this kitchen, it is obvious that it has enduring, lasting appeal.

And finally, don’t be afraid to have some fun with your kitchen design. Make sure it reflects your personality and your own sense of style, whatever they may be.