Restitution Agreement Employee Theft Template

  • October 4, 2021

Once you have discovered that an employee theft has taken place, you should immediately contact your insurance agent to determine your rights under a fiduciary or dishonesty policy you have. If you don`t have such a policy, consider talking to your agent about getting such protection for future losses. Normally, premiums are not high. The initiation of civil proceedings against the offender and his property is a common legal strategy as soon as an employee theft or misappropriation of personnel has been discovered and quantified. In many cases, the lawyer seeks a means of prejudice (PJR) to freeze the identified assets of the offender. A lawyer`s application for a PJR can expedite the case to a judge and, if granted, seize the accused`s property until the end of the civil trial, which can take years depending on the court. Employee theft can range from a minor incident to an institutional crisis. You can use the following examples of anti-theft policies in your company. If you use one, be sure to tailor it to your specific needs and intentions. Thirdly, the filing of a right to insurance does not guarantee that the victims` organisation will receive the amount of coverage. Damage services and depositors use external forensic accountants to verify claims and have recently begun to expand their internal skills by bringing forensic accountants into their damage department.

Often, delivery drivers want to know as much as possible about the theft and especially how it could have happened and was not detected. The issue of complicity has been raised in recent complaints aimed at reversing the burden and guilt on the victim and minimizing the payment of damages. Not all insurance is created equal In many cases, the cheapest method of obtaining reimbursements is the criminal justice system. In addition, a criminal investigation may find assets that are not accessible to the employer in the standard civil lawsuit. Of course, the law doesn`t require you to report a theft and it`s recorded publicly when charges are laid (the media seems to have a penchant for big employee theft stories) . . .