Digital Outcomes And Specialists 4 Framework Agreement

  • September 17, 2021

For this service, you would provide teams providing digital support, for example. B the creation of a reservation system or the carrying out of an accessibility audit. The Digital Outcomes and Specialist Framework (DOS) RM1043 is located next to G-Cloud on the Digital Marketplace. The DOS framework is intended for the acquisition of digital teams or individuals, often with internal deployment teams. The possibilities offered by Digital Outcomes and Specialist are openly promoted and providers only have to search and apply for the applicable options. Log in to emails to find out when you can apply and for Frameworks updates. You can apply to provide services in as many categories as you want. If you are included in the framework, you may not provide services in a category for which you have not registered. Our team has been supporting digital businesses around the world for nearly two decades.

Applications for membership in the Digital Specialists and Outcomes 4 Framework are now closed. The framework will help public bodies achieve the digital transformation of their services and give them the opportunity to purchase the design, creation and delivery of digital results with an agile approach. The frame originally operates for 12 months; However, the duration may be extended by any duration, up to a maximum of 12 months (from the end of the initial term). The application process is different if you want to sell cloud services on the G-Cloud framework. They conclude an agreement with the CSC. Your framework contract is available on your account on the Digital Marketplace….